Female Squirting Questions and Answers

Female ejaculation or squirting happens to around 10 to 40% of women during vaginal orgasm when a woman`s paraurethral glands release fluid through urethra. The fluid is similar to male semen in that it contains proteins and during arousal there are different quantities of the fluid released which varies from a few drops to almost two cups. Female squirting is connected to the G-spot stimulation as it is this spot on the vagina wall that is sensitive to touch and responsible for female orgasm. The squirting orgasms are powerful and the most amazing sexual experience for both partners. Most men wonder how they can give this cosmic pleasure to their partners so they become the best lovers ever. In order to do so men need to learn more about female orgasm and ejaculation and master the technique of finding and stimulating the G-spot. Here are some questions and answers that may be helpful:

Common Questions and Answers

Q: How do I find and stimulate the G-spot properly?

A: Use your fingers to locate the spot which is about two inches deep, on the front wall of the vagina and when your female partner is aroused this spot feels enlarged and firm. If you stimulate it gently and long enough, your partner will get even more aroused which you will know instantly. It is important for a woman to be sexually aroused so the glands fill with fluid and activate the nerve endings of the vagina. Every woman has this spot and once you find it, gently rub the spot with your fingers then do it faster and faster until she reaches climax. You can try to position your hand and arm so that you can stimulate her clitoris at the same time and increase the speed as she comes near orgasm.

Q: Where does the fluid come from and what is it?

A:The fluid is produced by Skene`s glands in a woman`s urethra and when a woman ejaculates the fluid is released through urethra not vagina. There are different theories about whether this fluid is actually lube that all women produce when aroused but one thing is certain, the fluid is similar to seminal fluid in males. It consists of proteins and chemicals found in semen. Some experts claim there is no such thing as female ejaculation, or that it rarely happens. They tend to believe this fluid is just a normal response to stimulation and protects vagina while at the same time reducing the pain. Female ejaculation is something that happens during orgasm when some women, not all of them, just squirt large amounts of the fluid. It is not yet known why this happens to a small percent of women.

The truth is women can have orgasm without ejaculation and even if they do not squirt much fluid this does not mean they are not aroused or that something is wrong with them.

Men Should Use Stud 100 and Last Longer in Bed

Men who have troubles with early ejaculation are having their eyes on a product called Stud 100. It is actually a desensitizing spray that lessens the ability of the penis to feel the sensation of sex. The product is pretty effective in stopping the fast arousal of men which lead to quick ejaculation. The main ingredient of this product is lidocaine which when used could have a numbing effect. This is why you need to use Stud 100 and last longer in bed. But, make sure to use it with the right dosage in order not to be affected too much. You certainly don’t want to totally feel nothing while having sex.

It has already been proven that the use of lidocaine is safe and is very much effective when it comes to dealing with ejaculation issues. The main reason why most men easily ejaculate is because they have a sensitive penis. This is why dealing with this sensitivity could solve the problem. Many had already tried using this product and all of them did not experience any side effects like any form of allergic reaction. If there are men who would experience some side effects in using this product, it would certainly be isolated cases.

The product is certainly effective but you need to follow instructions carefully. These instructions are found in the label that comes with it. Make sure that you start with a low dosage and eventually go up as you observe that it is not enough. If you have been suffering from premature ejaculation for a long time, surely your partner knows about it already. Make sure that you inform her about the treatment you are taking. Also, see your personal doctor prior to using the product to ensure that using it will not have any medical effects. For those who wanted to seriously take care of their ejaculation problem, the best way to do so is with the use of Stud 100.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, do not lose hope in dealing with it. Definitely you don’t want to keep on frustrating your partner. It is better to use Stud 100 and last longer in bed. The product had already helped a lot of men when it comes to making them last longer. There is definitely a high chance that you will also be aided by this product. The same as with purchasing other products online do a thorough research about it prior to making your final decision. The more you know about the product, the more you could use it better.

Why You Need to Use Promescent and Cure Your Premature Ejaculation

One of the main goals of men these days is to ensure that they do well in bed. There is nothing more frustrating than failing to satisfy a partner. To make sure your partner is happy; to last longer in bed is a good start. Sadly, a lot of men find it hard to last longer than their partner. When the action in bed starts to buildup, they just couldn’t control their ejaculation. If you are among those men who could not last for even about 5 minutes in bed, the condition causing you problem is called premature ejaculation. There are a lot of products already presented in the market to deal with this condition, but only a few are really effective. If you want to effectively deal with ejaculation issues, use Promescent and cure your premature ejaculation for good.

What Is Promescent

The product is actually a spray that is created to prevent men from ejaculating quickly. It slightly desensitizes the penis so it is not easily stimulated and you won’t easily feel aroused. For a man with ejaculation issues, it is very hard to last long for the penis easily reacts on any sensation it feels. When you are not easily aroused during sex, it helps a lot to last long enough to satisfy your partner. Men don’t have to worry about anything with the product since it is approved by FDA. With the many available products in the market today, it is necessary to only go for those which are approved by the authorities.

How Does Promescent Works

The product works well since it is easily absorbed by the skin. As soon as you spray it over your penis, the skin would be able to completely absorb it after 10 minutes. It means that you need to use this product 10-15 minutes prior to getting into sex. The main ingredient is lidocaine which targets the subcutaneous nerves. This is why quick ejaculation is not anymore a problem.

Do You Need the Product?

One of the reasons why some people find it ineffective to use a desensitizing product is that mostly, it stays on the skin. This is why those who use the wrong product would experience that the solution is transferred on their partner. It causes a significant effect on the sexual performance of a woman. It also prevents them from enjoying the sexual experience. After learning about this, a lot of people became discouraged in using such product.

If you want to give this product another shot, use Promescent and cure your premature ejaculation for good. See to it that you learn about it first prior to using it and make sure to know the right dosage for you. For more info on Promescent, click on the following link http://ejaculation-treatment.com/promescent-review/.

Have a Better Sex Life with These Tips on How to Cum More

Even though a lot of men want to cum more, it is just not that easy to achieve for everyone. There are some who enjoys the experience of more cum during ejaculation, but many find it hard to do so. Good thing it’s not a hopeless case and you don’t need to be an expert in sex to deal with the problem. It is also not necessary to spend lots of money for this. Below are tips on how to cum more. Read everything carefully. If you are really interested in improving the volume of your cum, it could be done with the right effort.

Try Mini Orgasm

If you find it hard to recover after shooting a volume of load, it would help to try mini orgasm. Though this is not a real orgasm, it could in turn help you have better control on your ejaculation. All you have to do is perform sex as usual. When you feel that it’s about to be released, slow down and tighten your PC muscle. Do not continue yet until the sensation drops down. This helps a lot prevent early ejaculation. After calming down, you could continue with the sexual encounter once again. Doing so for a couple of time could help a lot in controlling ejaculation better. Just make sure that you inform your partner regarding this practice so she may not become frustrated.

Try Something New

If you frequently experience premature ejaculation, there could be something wrong with your sex routine. We all have our own routine in sex especially men. However, if yours is causing you to ejaculate fast, it simply means that you need to apply some changes by trying something new. Make sure to start slow. Do not immediately get into the part where there is too much sensation that you could not anymore control yourself. Search for the right sex approach where you could last longer and if you do, it’s best to stick with it. Men who could last longer are often found to cum more.

Focus on Your Partner

It would be easier for you to last longer and cum more if you focus on your partner. This might cause some immediate arousal but all you have to do is be aware when it starts to happen. Slow down a bit when you are aroused, then continue when it subside.

These tips on how to cum more are pretty effective especially when you are able to do it for a couple of time. Just keep in mind that it needs a lot of effort to be able to achieve your goal to cum more.